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Preparing your Business for the worst!
December 3, 2014
With the worsening climate today, companies now feel the impact of natural disasters on their business. Like in the case of Hurricane Katrina, most cities in the US went underwater, and with no power. Since most firms weren’t really prepared for a great storm, a lot of them experienced heavy losses during this unfortunate event. […]
Simple Ways to Send Encrypted Emails for Free
December 1, 2014
According to FBI Director James Comey, there are only two kinds of companies in the US: those that have been hacked by the Chinese, and those that have no idea that they have been hacked. This is indeed true, as hackers have reportedly breached the systems of prominent companies such as Facebook and Microsoft. If […]
Top Cloud Storage Apps for Small Businesses in 2015
November 28, 2014
When starting a business, most entrepreneurs are keen about increasing their business efficiency in order to minimize costs. A prominent example would be outsourcing their file storage to a cloud service. So if you’re looking for the best cloud storage for your business, here are your possible options for 2015 and beyond. OneDrive for Business […]
Welcome to Alternative CPU
November 20, 2014
Hello and thanks for stopping by Alternative CPU. We will be talking all things geeky in the computer and technology world, we’re currently in the final stages of setup so please do keep checking back!   If you want to get in touch with the team then head on over to our contact page. Cheers […]