Finding a Cool Gaming Keyboard
February 1, 2017

All the people out there that like playing games on their computer know really well just how important it is to have a great keyboard by their side. A great gaming keyboard can help you get the most out of the gaming experience, but many people choose their keyboards based on their flashy colors, big buttons or some extra meaningless features. However, if you wish to experience the gaming experience of a lifetime, you should follow these tips in order to find the best gaming keyboard out there.

Wired Keyboards

The wired keyboards are the ones you plug into your computer port and just use it without installing any kind of software for it. What’s great about these is the fact that they are much cheaper than the wireless keyboards, are extremely easy to use, offer no lag and require no batteries. However, their downsides include the fact that they have to occupy a USB port, create a mess on your desk with another cable, and have a limited range of use. These are considered to be great for gaming.

Wireless Keyboards

These come in two forms: the ones with the RF and with the Bluetooth connection. The former ones are really common, and work by getting a receiver into a USB port, which connects the computer with the keyboard. The keyboards with the Bluetooth connection use short radio waves, and don’t need a USB port; making them just perfect for computers with a limited number of ports. The wireless keyboards have some drawbacks as well, and they include the fact that they require batteries that last really short, that issues might occur with the RF connectors (especially around the wireless routers), and that the lag is really noticeable. These keyboards are best for media centers and people with tablets.

Key Switches

Basically, every keyboard needs to have key switches – which is the technology that is being used under each key of the board. Let’s see which ones are the best for gaming keyboards.

Silicone Dome Switches

These are the most common ones, and usually come with the keyboard you get when you buy new computer. The feedback is silent and squishy because of the soft rubber, and exactly because of it, the key needs to pressed all the way down, which is a drawback. It slows down the game, and especially if you’re playing online role-playing games, and especially the reaction-based games.

Scissor Switches

These are the switches you usually find on laptops. They are much faster, because they have a reduced distance to travel. The typing experience is uniform because of the plunger under and a stabilizer on each key. The noise they produce is soft, offer a great experience, and last much longer than the silicone ones. The downside of them is the fact that they’re hard to repair, and aren’t really sensitive to touch. They’re good for gaming, but might get you to press the wrong key once in a while.

Mechanical Switches

These are the best key switches for a gaming keyboard. They’re spring-loaded, which allows for a strong feedback, and a loud noise. These are easy to repair, last long, and can be customized. They’re great for all game genres, meaning they’re the ultimate switches for a gaming keyboard.

Various Types of Keyboards

Ergonomic Keyboards

These are the keyboards that allow for a comfort by having you place your hands in a completely neutral position. However, medicine doesn’t seem to say that it helps in any way, and that the best thing to do would be to have a proper posture while gaming, not to put your hands in a neutral position.

Gaming Keyboards

The very name tells us that these are the keyboards for gamers. They offer great performance and an amazing gaming experience. These things allow the gamers to perform several actions with just one click, they allow for the creation of customizable keys, offer extra keys that can be programmed, have digital displays, possess multimedia functions like volume control and various shortcuts, have a backlight, etc.


So, which is the best & coolest keyboards for gaming? Well, you basically ought to get a wired keyboard with mechanical switches. These are the basics, and the additional features are completely up to you.

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