How You Can Protect Yourself from This Year’s Biggest Cybersecurity Risks
July 20, 2015

Take a moment and think about all of the personal information you store online: your financial details on your bank’s website; your date of birth, family details, and travel plans on Facebook; your intimate thoughts by email or on a microblogging service like Twitter or Tumblr. It’s no surprise that cybersecurity has never been more important. Thanks to ACCL (http://www.network-data-cabling.co.uk/) for supporting us in this article. Cybersecurity_image

We rely on computers and third party providers to protect more and more of our personal data, and yet cyberhackers just get more sophisticated and cunning. Managed service providers like Revolution Networks stay on top of the biggest cybersecurity risks to keep you protected. Here’s how you can prevent your private data from being targeted by evil hackers:

Security Risk: Weak Passwords

We get it…our memories only have so much capacity, do we really have to have individual usernames and passwords for every site we visit? It’s so much easier to log into my bank and Twitter and supershadywebsite.com with a password like” secret123.” If you’re using the same passwords for all your sites, a hacker can easily break the code on a site with weak security, or set up a phishing site and get your password that way. Then they visit your bank website and…voila.

Challenge yourself and create harder passwords. Use unique passwords for every important site that you use. Use a combination of alphanumeric characters, special characters, upper and lower case letters, and so on.

Security Risk: Password Recovery

Another big cybersecurity risk this year is password recovery. Even if your password is unbreakable, all a hacker has to do is click “forgot password.” Say your bank has a security code about your childhood street. They shift over to your Facebook profile and see a #tbt (Throwback Thursday) about the joys of growing up on Maple Street. Easy access, just like that.

Be careful about what personal information you share on Facebook. If you insist, keep your pictures and status updates limited to friends only, not the general public. Avoid choosing password recovery questions that include easily found information. For an added layer of security, use the password recovery field to enter another strong password, not just the name of your favourite author.

Security Risk: Credit Card Breach

Have you read the news this year about credit card data breaches at major retails like Home Depot and Target? In July, more than 60,000 Canadians had their data exposed by a breach at the Walmart online photo centre. We trust major corporations with our credit card data, but if they are breached we are put at risk.

How To Improve Your Cybersecurity

To Improve your cybersecurity you may be interested in looking into and investing in Robotic Process Automation. This bit of software is capable of enhancing your cybersecurity. An Investment into RPA Software will improve the security posture and empower you to outspace those nasty viruses.


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